Fee-Only Financial Planning

Expert financial planning is the key to long-term financial stability. As we do for all the services we offer, Freshfield provides financial planning as a fiduciary, meaning we’re legally obliged to always work in the best interests of our clients.

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Our financial planning gives you a holistic analysis that takes every financial aspect into account. Together, we’ll examine your current financial situation and cash-flow requirements and review your investment horizon and investments goals. Once we’ve investigated all these aspects, we’ll present you with a customized financial plan designed to maximize the likelihood of reaching your long-term goals. And we do more than plug your numbers into standard financial planning software—we use all our expertise and experience to build your plan and, if necessary, evolve it as your circumstances evolve.

We charge $300 per hour for financial planning and most plans take two to six hours to complete. All plans are custom-designed by Financial Advisor and Investment Manager Dr. Andreas Lawson, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.  The fee is waived for clients who elect to receive portfolio management services for portfolios in excess of $250,000.