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  • Freshfield is a fee-only financial advisory firm located in Plano, Texas serving clients locally and nationwide

  • Freshfield's principal is Dr. Andy Lawson, an economist and an expert in investments and finance

  • We provide financial planning, investment management and hourly portfolio consulting. Financial planning is provided to investment management clients at no additional charge

  • We are a fiduciary firm, which guarantees no conflict of interest

  • Meetings may be conducted in person or virtually

  • A complimentary initial consultation with Dr Lawson can be booked here


What to expect during a complimentary consultation

During an initial consultation, Dr. Lawson will ask what financial services you are seeking; investment management, financial planning, portfolio consulting or other financial advice.  He will inquire about your financial circumstances and goals and explain how he would address your needs. He will describe how frequently client meetings are conducted, financial plans are updated and portfolios are rebalanced. He will also explain the costs of providing financial services.  

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Booking meetings and secure document sharing

You can choose to attend meetings with Dr. Lawson in person or virtually. In-person meetings are held at the firm's offices at 1800 Preston Park Blvd, Suite 105, Plano, TX.  Virtual meetings are conducted via Zoom. For a Zoom meeting, we will e-mail you a link to click on at the meeting's starting time. You do not need to install any software on your device.  You can book an in-person or virtual meeting on Dr. Lawson’s online calendar.  Documents can be sent to Dr. Lawson via our secure web portal.


If you decide to become a client

Depending on the services you elect to receive, Dr. Lawson will ask you to provide him with documents such as investment account statements, Social Security statements and 1099 or W2 forms.  He will ask you to complete a living-expense worksheet and ask about your life insurance policies and estate plans, if applicable.  He will also inquire about your financial circumstances and goals.  Documents may be submitted via a secure web portal.  Dr. Lawson will construct a financial plan using information about your income, expenses and investment accounts and discuss the plan's recommendations with you in detail. He will build optimal investment portfolios for your investment accounts and provide instructions to optimize your 401K accounts, if applicable.

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When you are a client

Going forward, Dr. Lawson will update your financial plan annually or when your financial circumstances change, whichever is sooner.  He will review your investment accounts quarterly.  In addition to receiving quarterly brokerage statements, you will receive easy-to-read customized quarterly investment performance summaries produced by Freshfield.  Your investment accounts will be rebalanced periodically.  Financial plans and investment portfolios are generally discussed with you annually. However, Dr. Lawson makes himself available to clients as often as they wish.

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