Why Freshfield

Freshfield offers individuals expert portfolio management and financial advice. Freshfield provides these services as a fiduciary, meaning we’re legally obliged to put our client’s best interests first. Unlike brokers, we don’t earn commissions by selling proprietary products such as mutual funds or annuities. By taking a client-first approach, we put our focus where it should be: on you and your investment goals. We believe this and the following four key benefits determine why 9 out of 10 clients entrust their investments portfolios to us for the long term*.

*Average annual client retention, 2009-2021, calculated as 1-[sum of (# of terminations in year/# of clients in year)]/# of years

personalized portfolio management-small.

Personalized portfolio management

We take the time to learn about your personal situation, cash-flow needs, time horizon and investment goals. And we discuss with you our investment methodology and philosophy. Then, we develop an investment strategy designed to meet your needs and goals. Going forward, we check-in regularly to make sure your portfolio continues to be aligned with your goals.


Financial advice & expertise that matters

The core principles of modern portfolio management are (1) diversification and (2) the control of investment costs. They are by far the biggest determinants of a portfolio's success in meeting its investment target. We rigorously apply these principles to the management of our clients' portfolios to maximize the likelihood of our clients achieving their financial goals.


Low, transparent fees

We are an independent, fee-only firm. Our only compensation is the management fee we receive from our clients (we do not earn commissions so there's no incentive to for us to buy or sell investment products or excessively trade your account). The fee for an account depends on the account's value.  Hence, the better our clients do, the better we do. In other words, our interests are aligned with yours.


White-glove service

We treat each client as if they are our only client.  You will hear from us regularly, not because we have some new product to sell, but to keep us current with your situation and to keep you updated about your portfolio. Our goal is to help you understand what is going on with your portfolio so you have the confidence to reach your long-term investment goals.  What's more, an economist is always available to you to discuss your portfolio, financial plan or other financial matters.