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  • Freshfield is a fee-only investment manager and financial planner located in Plano, Texas serving clients locally and across the country

  • We provide all services as a fiduciary, meaning we’re legally obliged to put our client’s interests first

  • Freshfield's principal is Dr. Andy Lawson, CFP®, an economist and an expert in investments and finance

  • Dr. Lawson offers a complimentary initial consultation either in person or virtually which can be booked here

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Financial Planning

Our financial planning gives you an holistic analysis that takes every financial aspect into account. Together, we’ll examine your current financial situation and cash-flow requirements and review your investment horizon and investment goals. Once we’ve investigated all these aspects, we’ll present you with a customized financial plan designed to maximize the likelihood that you reach your long-term goals. And we do more than plug your numbers into standard financial planning software—we use all our expertise and experience to build your plan and evolve it as your circumstances evolve.  Financial planning is provided to portfolio management clients at no additional charge.


Portfolio Management

We build a customized investment portfolio for every client. It reflects the client's unique financial circumstances, time-horizon, cash-flow requirements and investment objectives. And it is adjusted to keep pace with their evolving situation and requirements. At Freshfield, our deep investment knowledge and global reach mean we can provide the understanding and flexibility to meet our clients' long-term investment goals.  Financial planning is provided to portfolio management clients at no additional charge.


Hourly Investment Consulting

We offer hourly portfolio consulting.  This service is for clients who manage their own portfolios or are seeking an evaluation of a 3rd-party managed portfolio.  Examples: Is the portfolio optimal, or can it be adjusted to increase its long-term return? Is the portfolio's risk suitable for the owner’s circumstances? If the portfolio is in a taxable account, can investment taxes be reduced? Is the portfolio structured to achieve its objective of funding future expenses?

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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the process of determining retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals. Retirement planning is the same as financial planning except that it focuses on your retirement—your life after paid work. As with our financial planning, we conduct an holistic analysis taking your entire financial and lifestyle situation into account and produce a customized plan designed to maximize the probability that you reach your retirement goals.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of organizing and arranging one's assets and property in preparation for their eventual distribution after death or incapacity.  It considers how a client's assets should be managed and distributed, accounting for their personal circumstances, goals, and tax implications.  At Freshfield, we develop a plan to ensure that a client's assets are managed and distributed according to their wishes and to minimize the legal and financial costs associated with the transfer of property.

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Financial Consulting

We offer hourly financial consulting. This is for clients who manage some or all of their own financial affairs and are seeking expert advice on a particular financial topic.  Topics include, but are not limited to, estate planning, retirement account contributions, Roth conversions, 401K funds selection, 401K rollovers, college funding and 529 plans, cash management, tax-loss harvesting and defined benefit plans, IRA distributions, Social Security and gift-giving.

For a description of what a complimentary consultation looks like, a comparison of virtual and in-person meetings and what to expect when becoming a new client, please visit our Contact page

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