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Current 401K Management

Does your 401K from your current employer have these three properties?

  • 45 min
  • Free Initial Consult
  • Preston Park Boulevard

Service Description

Your 401K account from your current employer, like any investment portfolio, should be (1) fully diversified (including having international exposure), (2) have the correct asset allocation for your financial goals and investment horizon and (3) incur the lowest costs and fees possible. These three properties help maximize the likelihood that you achieve your retirement goals. Clients frequently come to us with their 401K accounts. And we often find accounts which do NOT have all of the three properties above—for example, the account is not fully diversified or is incurring higher fees than necessary by being invested in funds which are too expensive. We manage current 401K accounts, applying the three principles above to help you maximize the probability of reaching your retirement target. And we charge a low fee for 401K account management—depending on the size of your account, the fee is as low as 0.25% per year. Book a FREE 45-minute consultation during which we evaluate your current 401K account.

Contact Details

  • 1800 Preston Park Blvd, Suite 105, Plano, TX, USA

    + 14692316040

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