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Portfolio Management

Is your investment portfolio expertly managed AND costing you the lowest amount possible?

  • 45 minutes
  • Free Initial Consult
  • Preston Park Boulevard

Service Description

The key to reaching your long-term investment goals is disciplined, objective, cost-controlled portfolio management. We build a customized investment portfolio for every client which reflects their unique financial circumstances, time-horizon, cash-flow requirements and investment objectives. And it is adjusted to keep pace with their evolving situation and requirements. At Freshfield, our deep investment knowledge and global reach means we can provide the understanding and flexibility to meet our clients' long-term investment goals. We offer portfolio management on a fee-only basis. Our only compensation is the management fee we receive from our clients (we do not earn commissions so there's no incentive for us to buy or sell investment products or excessively trade your account). The fee for an account depends on the account's value. Hence, the better our clients do, the better we do. In other words, our interests are aligned with yours. Depending on the size of your portfolio, pricing is as low as 0.25% per year. Our pricing includes all fees and expenses including transaction costs, management fees and service charges. And there are zero commissions and zero fund load charges. Book a FREE 45-minute initial consultation during which we discuss your portfolio management needs.

Contact Details

  • 1800 Preston Park Blvd, Suite 105, Plano, TX, USA

    + 14692316040

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